Kenguru was born out of the belief that independence and freedom of mobility should be available to all.

Launched in 2011, and recently acquired by KLD Energy Technologies. Kenguru is committed to providing world-class environmentally-friendly electric transportation solutions to eco-conscious consumers.

Based in Austin, TX with associate R&D facilities in Morgan Hill, CA, our teams are driven by invention and innovation, and guided by principles of passion, professionalism and public service.

With electric energy, the environment, accessibility and affordability as our main focus and concern, we're committed to delivering great value, high performance, and good fun to our customers and partners worldwide. All while doing our part to improve the world.



Utilizing patented, proprietary technologies and combining them with all that is needed in an accessible, affordable transportation solution, Kenguru is proud to announce the launch of its first vehicle, the brand new and improved Kenguru - an emissions-free, maintenance-free, transmission-free wheelchair-accessible electric vehicle designed right here in the heart of America.

Incorporating the patented KLD oneDRIVE system, the KENGURU brings together unparalleled engineering with acute attention to detail and design, creating in turn a quick,  clean, convenient and care-free vehicle perfectly-suited for the eco-conscious urban dweller.

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