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The vehicles referenced herein have been designed and manufactured to comply with the United States National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration's Low Speed Vehicle rules and regulations. The operation of these vehicles is also subject to all applicable state and local laws, the effect of which may be to further limit or prohibit the lawful operation of these vehicles in certain environments. Do not operate these vehicles without a valid and appropriate state-issued driver's license. Kenguru supports only the safe and legal use of our products and, therefore, strongly recommends that you inquire with the relevant state and local municipalities before attempting to operate these vehicles on roadways or in closed communities. LSVs are NOT legal on highways, are to be driven only on roads with posted speed limits of 35 mph or 45 mph, depending on your local regulations. Do not operate these vehicles in violation of applicable law, contrary to the instructions or recommendations contained in the Owner's Manual or in a manner that impedes traffic. To reduce the risk of injury, always operate these vehicles in a safe and conscientious manner while wearing the seat belts that come as standard safety equipment on all Kenguru LSV models. We will also comply with regulations in foreign territories before selling to those countries, but the cautions listed above apply regardless of location.

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